Whole set of ultrasonic system, including generator, transducer, horn and flange plate

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Ultrasonic Generator Technical Parameters

Working frequency 15KHz/20KHz
Working power supply AC220V/110V  1PH  50/60Hz
Output power 0-2600W
Output voltage 0-3000V   AC 
Over-current protect current 15A
Automatic frequency range 1.2K
Automatic frequency tracking accuracy 0.1Hz
Dimension L 340*W 210*H 94mm
N.W 4kgs

Ultrasonic transducer:

Ultrasonic transducer is an industrial technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld.

Super performance,  High conversion rate,  Good heat resistance

Main Functions:

Low resonance impedance .high mechanical quality factor.

High electro-acoustic conversion efficiency and large amplitude.

lower heating, large temperature range; small performance drift, stable working.

Good material and long lifetime.

Mold (Horn):

Pros and cons of mold making is an important part of the ultrasonic, we introduce advanced blocking analyzer, mold spectrum analyzer, through precise testing for mold’s frequency and analysis of mold’s wave by these equipment, thus can help machine with more stable and effective output power of ultrasonic, and reduce the chronic damage because of incompatible frequency with machine, what’s more, prolong life for machine and mold.

* Horn size: 110x20mm 162x20mm 200x20mm 150x42mm (20K)

          120x25mm 160x25mm 200x25mm 270x25mm 160x55mm (15K)

* Work mode: Continuous, intermittent

 When working under continuous mode, please short cut the 2 and 3 pin. It is with safety protection and fault warning function.

* This ultrasonic system failure rate is low, consumables, durable, easy installation and debugging, maintenance is simple.


Core parts widely used in 3-ply mask, folding mask(N95), non-woven bags, plastic welding, tube closing production.

Instruction of use:

The frequencies of the ultrasonic transducer, booster and horn must be matched with each other.

The frequencies of horn and booster should be lower than the frequency of transducer.

The connection surface must ensure vertical and flatness, and the connection torque must be appropriate.

The Welding of electrode plate should be reliable and covered with damping glue.

The operating temperature of the ultrasonic transducer should be lower than 60 °C, and the input power should  be lower than the rated power.



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