my country’s automatic sealing machine is transforming to the direction of technology research

The automatic sealing machine is an improved version of the sealing machine, which is a revolution in the transformation of packaging machines in my country to automation. Although the automated production of products has been achieved, the status quo in the sealing machine industry in my country is still not optimistic.
According to statistics, there are more than 3,000 companies in my country’s packaging machine industry, but the market concentration is too low. The top 50 companies have a combined market share of only 10%-15%. The typical feature of the industry is uneven. High, medium and low-end equipment has a distinct hierarchy, and each has its own market space. Corresponding to this, the application of automation products also shows uneven characteristics. Automation products from the highest to the lowest can find their own markets here. Simply put, both high-end and low-end products have their own fixed market share. And there is no competition between them, which leads to the lack of motivation and low efficiency of enterprise research and development.
Regarding the current development status of sealing machines, our country has formulated new research directions to adapt to future challenges. Carry out research from three aspects to achieve the future market share of the sealing machine in the international market.
Research on the first innovative design
  In view of the low technical content of my country’s sealing machines, the common practice of developed countries and multinational companies should be adopted, that is, the route is innovatively designed to inject technical content that is not easy to imitate and obtain by others. Therefore, it is necessary to research on the innovative design technology of automatic sealing machine, analyze the basic environment of the country, and compare the experience of advanced foreigners, propose the basic type of automatic sealing machine innovative design, unique design, basic principles, design methods, etc., to improve our country The technical content of the sealing machine.
  Research on the second safety design technology
In the food industry, equipment problems lead to frequent injuries and deaths. There are more than 300,000 accidents every year across the country. In particular, equipment operators are burned, broken fingers, broken arms, disability and even death. More than 80% of accidents are caused by design hazards. Such problems have seriously affected the development of enterprises and social stability. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the design of food and packaging machinery, carry out research on the safety design of automatic sealing machines, analyze the primary influencing factors of safety hazards, carry out hazard evaluation, and propose related methods to eliminate or reduce hazards.
  Research on the third sanitary design technology
At present, the hygienic hazards of the sealing machine in my country are prominent, and the first is that the improper selection of materials causes the materials in contact with the food to migrate to the food and harmful things; the second is that the unreasonable design causes the processed food to have micro-living substances exceeding the standard. These two problems have seriously affected people’s health, enterprise development and social stability, and food safety. 80% of the problems come from the design link. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the design of the sealing machine, carry out research on the hygienic design of the sealing machine, analyze the primary influencing factors of hidden sanitary hazards, carry out hazard evaluation, and propose relevant methods to eliminate or reduce sanitary hazards.
At present, many packaging machine industries are implementing the research directions specified by the state as required, and the state has pointed out the research directions for us, so we will rely on our company’s unremitting efforts to realize the technological transformation of our packaging machine industry.

Post time: Jan-11-2021