5 reasons to choose tube packaging as the ideal container

Nowadays, differentiated packging has been used in cosmetics. And the use of squeeze tubes is growing greatly. The portability and flexibility has made it the ideal container to meet different requirements.

Friendly to use

All you need to do is to pop the lid and squeese, complying with unscrew the jar lid or pull out before each use. Meanwhile, it is so light and portable to carry with. You do not need to take big/heavy bottles or jars.


The glass jars or bottles are attractive, but they are quite expensive. They and the outer packaging all add to the price of the product.

While tubes are quite affordable option. The cost is low and the quality is quite great! It is attractive with your unique design.

Ease in transportation

Unlike the plastic or glass bottles and jars, the tubes are much lighter, less fragile, space saving and operable in transportation.


Because tubes can be designed in different shapes and sizes, so it is versatile to different applications. From 1ml to 500ml, it is suitable for Essence, hand cream, sunscreen or shampoo, hair repair and all the material you want to contain. So, versatility is another primary benefit of using these tube containers.


Due to technological improvements, materials used to manufacture plastic tubes have become more environmentally friendly over the years. You could choose these packages as being the eco-friendly option.

Long story short, these are the benefits of tubes as cosmetic containers. If you are a manufacturer of a cosmetic product, we suggest that you consider using cosmetic tubes. And our tube filling and sealing machine could help you in manufature.

So Contact HX Machine now, your one-stop packaging machine supplier and let us help you!

Post time: Aug-07-2020